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Use our sea salt water filtration units as your primary filtration system or use as an emergency stand-by water filter unit. Learn how our selection of small 750gpd to 4,000gpd residential home to light commercial sea water purification systems can turn sea water into fresh drinking water for your home, business, cottage, vacation home, or hotel. The best known applications for the RO process is in sea water desalination, where fresh water is generated from seawater by removing the salt.

Land based sea water desalination equipment designed for residential homes and commercial purification applications such as seaside hotels, vacation rentals, island resorts, and emergency back-up water source. 

Our Most Popular Skid Mounted Sea Water Desalination Equipment Special Is Back!
The RDWS-WH-SWRO Sea Water Skid Series is a complete sea water desalination purification water system, pre-assembled and shipped on a single skid for quick and easy installation and start-up. The system consists of hard water & silica pretreatment, sand & sediment pretreatment uv bacteria disinfection, re-pressure delivery pump, and off-skid 300 gallon storage tank. The RDWS-WH-SWRO Make-Up Water Series is pre-engineered allowing quick assembly and delivery. With simple utility connections and pretreatment set up, the system is virtually ready for on-line service, saving customers both time and money.

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Sea Water Filter

Not all reverse osmosis systems provide the same filtration capabilities:
There are significant differences in the equipment used for removing most of the dissolved solids from seawater and from most tap or well waters. Seawater units are referred to as desalinators and surface/well water units are called reverse osmosis (RO) units. The laws of physics require approximately 1 psi driving force for each 100 mg/l of solids dissolved in the water to be treated. Seawater has about 35,000 mg/l of dissolved solids so to obtain the first drop of permeate water a pressure of 350 psi is required. Reverse osmosis units on the other hand normally treat water where the dissolved solids content is in the area of 6,000 mg/l or less. The required pressure for that first drop of water for 6,000 mg/l is 60 psi. To insure an adequate flow of water from the respective devices seawater units usually operate in the area of 1,000 psi and RO units in a range of 150 to 250 psi. This additional pressure requirement for seawater increases the required strength of almost all components and requires much larger pumps. Also, seawater is extremely corrosive so the materials of construction for seawater units must be non-corrosive. All of these differences cause the cost of seawater units to be much higher than the cost of a standard reverse osmosis system.

We specialize in 750gpd to 4000gpd Seawater Desalination Drinking Water Filters For
Whole House, Light Commercial, Land Based, Off-Shore, Docks, Large Boats

750gpd Seawater Desalination System
Built for Whole House & Light Commercial

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1500gpd Seawater Desalination System
Built for Whole House & Light Commercial

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2500gpd Seawater Desalination System
Built for Whole House & Light Commercial

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Sea water desalination system

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Desalination by Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process whereby fresh water is extracted from seawater through the use of a semipermeable membrane. Prefiltration removes sediment, sand, and debris from the seawater. Then, a high-pressure pump pressurizes the seawater to approximately 800-1,000 psi. Thus, seawater is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, which removes the dissolved solids and produces fresh, potable water on the other side. This method rejects at least 98% of salts, contaminates, and pollutants from seawater.

We Provide Easy To Use Sea Water Desalination & Brackish Well Water Filtration Systems Designed For Residential and Commercial Drinking Water Systems. Engineered Salt Water Filters From 750 Gallons Per Day To 4,000 Gallon Per Day Suitable For Whole-House Water Systems, Irrigation, Island Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Vacation Homes, Emergency Drinking Water Systems, Camps, Lodges, Designed for Sea Water, Salt Water, Sodium & Chloride Filtration, Brackish Well Water, Salty Borehole Water Treatment - Ideal for Back Up Sea Water Source Filtration.

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