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Common Types of Iron & Manganese Found In Well Water

There are four common forms of iron and manganese. Other types are much rarer

  • Ferrous - This type of iron is often called "clear water iron" since it is not visible in poured water. It is found in water which contains no oxygen, such as water from deep wells or groundwater. Carbon dioxide reacts with iron in the ground to form water-soluble ferrous bicarbonate, which, in the water, produces ferrous ions (Fe++).This type of iron can cause red or orange color and staining. 
  • Ferric - Ferric iron is also known as "red water iron". This type of iron is basically ferrous iron which has been exposed to oxygen (oxidized), usually from the air. As carbon dioxide leave the water, oxygen combines with the iron to form ferric ions (Fe+++). These oxidized particles are generally visible in poured water. This type of iron can cause red or orange color and staining. 
  • Bacterial Iron - Slime depositing in toilet tanks or fouling water filters and softeners is a good indication of the presence of bacterial iron. Better described as iron biofouling, the iron bacteria problem is both complex and widespread. It attacks wells and water systems around the world in all sorts of water environments, both contaminated and pristine.
  • Manganese - Manganese is seldom found alone in a water supply, is usually accompanied by iron. Concentrations as low as 0.05 part per million of manganese will produce dark brown or black staining. Fabrics washed in manganese-bearing waters are almost invariably stained. Deposits collect in plumbing, and tap water frequently contains a black sediment and turbidity. Manganese bacteria often causes clogging of pipes.  Manganese: EPA secondary drinking water standard is 0.05mg/l
  • Water Testing - If you believe you have iron and/or manganese in your water, then a test will be necessary to determine the levels and from this a suitable removal system can be provided Contact RainDance H2O if you would like more advice, wish to arrange a test or have your own test results and would like a quote on a suitable system.
Whole house iron and manganese filter for well water
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Low pH filters for acidic well water correction and pH neutralizer.
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Whole house reverse osmosis systems for brackish well water treatment.
A whole house reverse osmosis system is preferred when purified water is desired at every tap or when high salt levels or other impurities need to be removed!

UV disinfection systems for whole house well water users.
A UV disinfection system is installed on the feed water line to treat all incoming water from bacteria and viruses such as e-coli and coliform bacteria.

have your well water tested free for iron, manganese, low pH, total dissolved solids, nitrates, tannins, hard water, iron bacteria, and more.
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Iron & Manganese Problems

What are iron and manganese?
Iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) are metallic elements present in many types of rock. Both are found naturally in ground water in most if not all regions of the US. Aesthetic levels for iron in drinking water is less than or equal to 0.3 mg/L or ppm while the level for manganese in drinking water is less than or equal to 0.05 mg/L or ppm. Water with high levels of iron and manganese may cause staining on plumbing fixtures and laundry. High can cause off color, bad bitter tastes, and rust flakes in the water. Similarity, manganese typically form black particles and also give the water an off color and unpleasant taste.
Calcium & Mangnesium Hard Water
What is hard water?
Water that is hard contains calcium and magnesium compounds. Rain water is naturally soft - it does not contain any minerals, but as it seeps through the ground it can pick up minerals, such as calcium and magnesium compounds, from the soil and rocks it passes through. If rain water passes through soft rocks like chalk or limestone, it picks up these minerals. If it passes through hard rocks, such as granite or through peaty soils, it does not pick up these minerals and so remains soft. Hard water causes pipes to scale to collect in coffee makers, dishwashers and washing machines. If the scale collects in hot water haeters it shortens their life and makes appliances less efficient. It is also more difficult to work up a lather from soap, washing up liquid and washing powders.
Hydrogen Sulfide Water Odor
What is sulfur water?
Sulfur in your well water supply is easily recognized by its offensive odor. Hydrogen sulfide gas causes "rotten-egg" or sulfur water smell. High concentrations can also change the taste of the water. As well as, corrode metals such as iron, steel, copper and brass. Hydrogen sulfide amounts of 0.5 mg/l or more are usually noticed, even in cold water. Wells drilled in shale or sandstone, or near coal or oil fields often have hydrogen sulfide present.Hydrogen sulfide may also be produced when sulfate in well water converts to hydrogen sulfide. Certain non-disease-producing bacteria (sulfur bacteria) use the oxygen in the sulfate to form hydrogen sulfide.
Total Dissolved Solids, Salts In Well Water

What is TDS?
Total dissolved solids (TDS) is a measure of the total amount of all the materials that are dissolved in water. These materials, both natural and anthropogenic (made by humans), are mainly inorganic solids, with a minor amount of organic material. Depending on the type of water, TDS can vary greatly from a few milligrams per liter to percent levels (tens of thousands of milligrams per liter). Seawater contains 3.5% (35,000 mg/L) TDS. Elevated TDS levels are often due to natural environmental features such as: mineral springs, carbonate deposits, salt deposits and sea water intrusion, but other sources may include: salts used for road de-icing, sewage, drinking water treatment chemicals, stormwater and agricultural runoff, and wastewater discharges. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Secondary Drinking Water Standards recommends that the TDS concentrations in drinking water not exceed 500 mg/L based on taste and aesthetics.
National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations (NSDWRs or secondary standards) are non-enforceable guidelines regulating contaminants that may cause cosmetic effects (such as skin or tooth discoloration) or aesthetic effects (such as taste, odor, or color) in drinking water. EPA recommends secondary standards to water systems but does not require systems to comply. However, states may choose to adopt them as enforceable standards.
EPA Secondary Drinking Water Limits For The Following:
Color 15 (color units)
Chloride 250 mg/L
Corrosivity noncorrosive
Iron 0.3 mg/L
Manganese 0.05 mg/L
Odor 3 threshold odor number
pH 6.5-8.5
Sulfate 250 mg/L
Total Dissolved Solids 500 mg/L
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