Our Choice for our San Diego, Los Angeles, SoCal, NorCal, Well Water, California Customers:

 Commercial UV Water Treatment Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems

Effective in killing off bacteria and viruses such as:

  • Coliform Bacteria
  • Leptospira Interrogans (Infectious Jaundice)
  • Salmonella Typhosa (Typhoid Fever)
  • Bacteriophage (E. coli)
  • Hepatitus Virus
  • Chlorella Vulgaris
  • Influenza Virus
  • Legionella Pneumophila (Legionnaires' Disease)

 UV Disinfection is suitable for Industrial & Commercial applications:

  • Agriculture, Dairy, Livestock, Irrigation Water
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Beer Breweries, Wineries
  • Drinking Water
  • Ice Companies
  • Well Water
  • Aquaculture
  • Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels

Commercial UV bacteria & virus water treatment system specifically designed to meet the demanding microorganism control requirements in high purity water systems. Typical Industrial disinfection applications include: Dairy, manufacturing, food & beverage, schools, hospitals, produce growers, agriculture, farms, livestock, pharmaceutical, electronics, cosmetics, breweries, chemical plants, bottling plants, marine industries, petroleum industries, drinking water, textile industry, swimming pools, microelectronics, universities, blood banks, medical centers, cosmetics and food industries, and research industries.

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