Water Treatment for Agriculture & Livestock Farming: Arizona, Texas, Florida, San Diego, Los Angeles, Temecula, California Wineries, Avocado & Citrus Growers, Farmers and Ranchers we can provide cost effective commercial arsenic, iron, manganese, sediment, sand, hard water, bacteria water filters ranging from low flow rate 10 gallon per minute to 500 gallon per minute to large capacity 50,000,100,000, 200,000+ gallon per day commercial reverse osmosis water purification systems for all your Winery, Agriculture, Livestock, Avocado, Green Houses, Orchards, Citrus Groves, Food, Ice & Beverage and manufacturing needs.

Better Water for Growers We offer the following water filters for small home based to commercial growers, organic farms, hydroponics, greenhouses, and legalized marijuana growers: water filters for organic chemicals, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, chlorine, chloramines, pharmaceuticals, bacteria & viruses, heavy metals, arsenic, high salts, sulfate, nitrate, chloride, sodium, and total dissolved solid filtration. Check out our home to light commercial Grow Master Series water treatment equipment at: Grow Master Series or email us at
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We design water treatment systems from 10gpm to 200gpm with plumbing sizes from 3/4" to 3" to remove high nitrates, sulfates, salty water, chromium, arsenic, chloride, sodium, metals, iron, manganese, sediment, turbidity, cloudy water, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, algae, and protozoa cysts.  

We know it can be overwhelming wading through mounds of information when selecting the correct water treatment system for your irrigation, water nozzles, automatic waterers, livestock, horses, dairy, or poultry farm.

Before long your brain is abuzz with different competitors, options, custom features, technology and terminology. Our experienced livestock water treatment support/design team is here to help you understand and address any questions or concerns that you may have.

RainDance Water Systems Reverse Osmosis For Irrigation, Landscapes, Greenhouses, Growers, Livestock  

The salts associated with salinity can affect the growth and health of plants in several ways. One is referred to the “osmotic effect,” in which salts attract water and compete with plants for it, meaning that as salinity rises, plants have to expend more energy to take in water (energy that would otherwise be used for growing, flowering, or fruiting). The end result is negative: stunted growth, wilting, and other damage.

Another major concern is that constituents making up total dissolved solids – for example, sodium and chloride ions, as well as boron – can be toxic to sensitive plants, causing severe damage, such as leaf burn, leaf drop, and plant death. Some plants are more susceptible to salt damage than others. For instance, among turfgrasses, Colonial bentgrass is extremely salt sensitive, while Bermuda grass and Seashore paspalum are highly salt tolerant.

Most water that's acceptable for irrigation of landscapes contains 200 to 800 mg/L of dissolved salts. Total soluble salt levels up to 2,000 mg/L may be tolerated by certain plant species, but only on soils with exceptional permeability and subsoil drainage. If you have any questions on the maximum TDS your plants can tolerate consult your plant distributor.

Simple water filters do not clean dissolved solids from the water. Such filters remove debris emulsified (suspended) in water. A reverse osmosis machine is needed for dissolved solids as it uses small polymer semi-permeable membranes that let pure water pass through and filters out dissolved solids from water. Reverse osmosis machines are the easiest most efficient means clean raw water.

Do you live in San Diego and need a new water softener, drinking water filter or well water treatment or do you simply need service on your existing water filter system? Check out AZTEC H2O @ Southern California Water Treatment Services 
What is the difference between our Reverse Osmosis & Nano-Filtration Grow Master Systems? Nano-Filtration (NF) membranes can handle many of the same contaminants as RO, with the exception being hard water. Where hard water can plug and foul the RO membrane, NF membranes are able to treat these hard water minerals without getting plugged, allowing nanofiltration to be the perfect salt-free water softener and purification system without an additional water softener. The beauty of Nanofiltration is less energy than a standard RO and the partial mineral content it leaves in your water and is a great alternative if the complete purification of RO is undesirable.

Are you using a private well water source for your growing, irrigation, or agricultural needs? Don't settle for the possible contaminants your well water could have, including iron, manganese, tannins, nitrates, hard water, excessive salts, bacteria, or more, that can result in staining and crippling of plants and build up or blockage in your irrigation lines, nozzles, drip heads, or sprinklers. Protect your plumbing and plants with a high capacity self cleaning filtration system designed to handle your individual problems. Click the button below to view our well water catalog:

Reverse osmosis applications include:
  • Commercial / Industrial Water Treatment From 400gpd to 1,000,000gpd
  • Agriculture-Dairy, Cattle, Horse, Swine
  • Green Houses- Orchards, Groves
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronic Industry
  • Process Water
  • Chemical Industry
  • Electroplating Industry
  • Electrical Power Generating
  • Polymer Solutions
And many More.......
Typical Rejection Characteristics of Commercial Reverse Osmosis
You may or may not have these contaminants in your water.
The percentage rejection rate is for reference only. Percentages may vary since water chemistry varies in each water supply.
 Rejection Rate
 Rejection rate
 96%- 98%
 Ameobic Cysts
Hydrocarbons, Proteins, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Trichlorethylene & THMs (chlorine by-products) will be rejected at 90% or greater with carbon pretreatment

  Looking for something smaller ? Check out our light commercial TSM Wall Mount Reverse Osmosis Systems:
TSM Series Reverse Osmosis Systems - Premium wall mount series are ideal for minimum footprint commercial /industrial uses. These units are compact, stainless steel, and built to do the job! These ro systems mount directly on 16” center wall stud construction and are designed for easy access to all major system components. The TSM system is a compact, heavy duty R.O. water purifier for users requiring 400 to 1500 gallons per day water production. click here for details...

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